Things Meant to Be

Some Things are Simply Meant to be

Love Makes Things Happen

Some Things are Simply Meant to be

Perhaps, some things are simply meant to be. But, I would rather believe that love does make things happen for it was love that sustained me through the woes and pains of being a law student.

The Unwanted Dream

Becoming a lawyer was not one of my dreams. All I wanted then was to become a plain housewife so that I found it impractical to pursue any further degree, a law degree at that. After all, I was already a practicing Certified Public Accountant.

The Tales of Terror

Moreover, I often heard that life in law school was not only super hard and extra demanding; it was also the dullest and most boring state that life could be.

I heard of “terror” professors that would always find a reason to embarrass and torment the students during recitation no matter how thorough the latter prepared. I heard of “unreasonable” professors that had the penchant of inserting out of this world questions in their exams. I heard of “kuripot” professors who could always justify why the most that they could give was a grade of 75. I heard that out of 150 or so freshmen only about 20 could graduate in four years. Others would need an overtime that could extend up to two or three years, or even more.

I heard too that once enrolled in this law school, one would contend with chronic time shortage, being always in a rush trying to chase the quota of readings required – it scared me the most because I used to spend an ample amount of time staring at the mirror trying to reassure myself that I looked well before I would browse my books or leave to attend classes.

For Mama and Papa

These tales of law school tragedies almost dissuaded me from pursuing my parents’ dream for me to become a lawyer. But I loved my parents so much that I could not disappoint them.

Without the nerve to defy my parents, I enrolled in this law school. Classes began, and so did the tribulation.

A Few Things to Remember

I wished I could narrate in detail my struggles in law school. But, I don’t intend to spoil your excitement to meet your handsome and beautiful professors.

In fine, my life as a law student showcased a balanced, colorful and exciting one despite my busy routine.

The Guiding Light

Don’t get me wrong. Your pursuit of a law degree will not be a walk in the park.

The horror stories that you must have heard yourselves by now are not works of fiction like the Da Vinci Code. They are true excerpts from the lives of real persons who stepped in this law school long before you did. Don’t take them for granted. Instead, listen to them closely and be guided by the lessons that they impart. But, don’t be dampened either. Survival may be an uphill climb, but it is not an impossible dream. Learn from the experience of those who came to this college of law ahead of you. Let our nightmares be the light to shine upon your path.

Love Makes Things Happen

Being neither an extraordinary individual nor an intellectually wonder woman, I almost succumbed to the unusual, if not impossible, demands of law school. I almost quit. But then again I thought of my parents, and my love for them gave me extra strength to give it another try. Luckily, my parents were very supportive, always reaching out to help me, giving me encouragement, reassuring me that I had what it should take to endure the pursuit of becoming a lawyer.

I was also fortunate that I found a family here in school. A family that was always ready and willing to sympathize with me in my failures, always eager to celebrate with me in my triumphs, a family that never forgot to remind me that there was a reason for my being a law student. My family, the Fraternal Order of St. Thomas More, the Tau Mu Fraternity and the Sigma Tau Mu Sorority.

My Tau Mu brothers and sisters have always been a very important part of my struggles. How could I forget the tangible and intangible assistance that they extended to me most especially during my preparation for and during the bar exam itself? The bar operations during the whole month of September made my stay in Manila  delightful and comfortable that I felt like a princess and I almost forgot I was taking the bar exams. I’m sure the other Tau Mu brothers and sisters who took the exam felt the same way too.

Of course, I could never forget how they helped me during my tenure as the Student Council President. They were always there to work with me as I was already in my senior year and the demands of the review classes were very exacting. They made my job easy and manageable so that I didn’t have to give up my teaching career in the School of Business and Governance where I’ve been working as a faculty member. Even during my formal review and before the new set of council officers was elected, I was able to discharge my duties because they stayed beside me, always willing to take the burden off my shoulders.

The discipline and values of Tau Mu changed my life. It changed my vision and perspective in life. It instilled in me a sense of purpose. It inspired me to embrace my parents’ dream as my own. Bros. and sis, thank you. Even now, you continue to support me as we always support each other. Thank You!

No Man is an Island

Yes, believe me, in law school no man is an island; no one survives by himself alone.

I am so blessed that beside my friends and my Tau Mu family, I have found my study-buddy, my tsika-mate, my shock-absorber, my best friend, Atty. Eva Estabillo. Thank you BES for coming into my life at the right time.

The biggest miracle that happened to me was that I found my big brother, my self-proclaimed tutor, my friend, my critic, and my lover, packed in one, and now my partner in the law and accounting firm that we planned to establish even before we could endure our freshman year, whose love and company made the lifeless law school life a bit fun and exciting.

Love Abounds

It was love – the love of my parents and my one and only brother, of my Tau Mu family, of my friends, of my boyfriend and, of course, the love of the Almighty – that helped me survive.

Love Helps

You might ask, is love enough to endure law school life? Is love enough to pass the bar examinations? Obviously, not!!!

Love will not read cases for you. Love will not provide answers to examination questions. Love will not take the place of extra patience, extra hard work, extra dedication, and, of course, superb wits that you need to nurture if you wish to have a fighting chance. And it is a difficult task.

But  if you love what you are doing, things become easier. Studying becomes as natural as eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie.

So, learn to love and watch your dreams come true. But, if they don’t, maybe, some things are simply meant to be.  🙂